Molveno Oem Service Srl, with its brand Molveno Lighting, operates from more than 10 years in the field of professional lighting for the industrial as well as for the civil lighting systems.
The “Diamante” project is born from the market’s need to have aluminum profiles conceived for the led stripes, and with unique features in terms of materials, design innovation and quality, and easiness of installation and maintenance.
Every model of the series has been designed giving emphasis both to the aesthetic value both to the technical and functional aspects.
The profiles are indeed very simple to be installed and fixed, and their functionality and aesthetical compatibility are more and more improved trough the availability of the dedicated plastic accessories.
The “Diamante” extruded profiles are available in different dimensions and shapes, ideal for every kind of use: shelves, lockers, glass elements, walls, ceilings, steps, handrails, pavements, exhibition stands, lighting design etc…
They allow to install, in a very easy way, even a great number of led stripes, and are a pretty refined solution of high end design, compatible with every type of environment.