Aluminum profiles for LED strips

We produce and distribute more than 10 years the aluminum profiles for LED strips on several shapes and sizes.

Our extruded are excellently in the lighting field and civil building. The Molveno led profiles were developed with a high aesthetics care and the original design are unique and patented. Now a day, we export to more than 30 countries in the world.

The great advantage is that the Molveno Profiles can be customized on lengths and colors – even the covers.

We provide covers for all profiles. They can be: flat, semi-round, round and angular.

The transparencies can be:

  • Transparent – you can see the light points
  • Frosty – you can see some of the little light points
  • Opaque (opal) – you do not see the light points (homogeneous)

Our High quality profiles are Made in Italy and design to hold different kinds of Strip LED. As our aluminum alloy has an excellent dissipation, even the high power strip can be used.

Aluminum profiles:

Here some videos from our Youtube channel